Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long overdue update.

Yea.. I guess I have been avoiding the blog so I don't have to address the fact that Glen isn't working right now.
Yep.. you heard me.
He took a weekend off at the beginning of the month and his first day back, they give him his lay off papers.
He is in the process of starting up his own business so that means a lot of money going in, and very little in our pockets. We are also trying to think of ways to save money. Cutting down on groceries and luxury items is a big one. Possibly getting rid of the satelite and watching our energy consumption is another.

Its funny because for the last couple years, I have been trying to save us money and there has always been these I need this and I need that from everyone.. and we don't have any money saved up right now.

So I need to either get a part time job for the evenings and weekends or pick up more kids. I can't get a full time job.. I would be paying just for day care and making maybe 10$ a day afterwards.

The kids are doing good. They are a little upset that we won't have extra money for fun stuff this summer.. but I am trying to keep it exciting for them. There are lots of free activities that I can set up, and we can go camping at Nana and Papa's lot on the St. Lawrence.

We went camping this weekend at Mallorytown with friends of ours and Nana and Papa. The kids had a great time and we froze Saturday night, so we cut the trip short. Thankfully we did as Helyn threw up and I caught this cold.


Brooke said...

Hope something comes along for him soon. Glad to hear there are lots of free stuff around there in the summertime, its that way where we live too...thank goodness! Kids really don't need all the "stuff" they enjoy most of the simple things the most.

Laura Weber said...


There is a lot you can do with the kids that will be really fun. Years from now they will look back on this summer and remember it fondly because they got to do things you otherwise might not do!

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