Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me.

I turned 33 yesterday and funnily enough.. I enjoyed it. LOL

I usually have a really hard time with my birthday.. not sure why or where it stemmed from but I guess its Genetic as Helyn does too.LOL.

Me and Glen went to the Flames game where we lost 5-3.

The boys made me cards. Lena and the kids cleaned the house for me while we were at the game. Crash and Mark gave me a lovely necklace and toilety stuff, Kirsten brought me a nice card and this morning Kira surprised me with yellow roses.

Nana and Papa gave me some lotions and soaps this weekend when we had dinner with them as well.

Oh but Glen got me the best gift. He got me a tool box and a hammer. I am really excited about this as I would like to learn how to fix things around the house and with my own tools its going to help. Crash gave me a all in one screwdriver a month ago too so its something he can keep adding to... wink wink.

Anyways.. thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day.

Roses from Kira

My card from Aidan

My card from Liam

My card from Liam

My birthday present from Glen

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