Friday, March 6, 2009

Yea... Friday !!!

Oh the week from ARGH!

My lovely children most likely gave me grey hairs this week.
Liam had tests and homework up the yin yang!!
Aidan was whiny and needy and Helyn... well... I don't really need to go into how Helyn is do i?

Last night was ladies night with Aimee. It was fun. We had a hot tub, drank some whine and whined. It was great to be out. Thanks Aimee for having us and thanks also to Kirsten for being there to share.

I am just so beat. I had this cold... again... and its zapping my energy.I am just so tired. I went for a walk on Monday with Kirsten and I am hoping with the way the weather is going that I can get out nightly for at least 45 minutes to get in some exercise.

Looks like its going to be a busy weekend for us too.. will write about our adventures as I can. I will be sure to take pics.

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