Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little update.

We all survived March Break. I spent the weekend drinking to help me forget the stress. LOL. The week started out shaky with the whining and the tattling and etc, but ended on a good note on pajama day on friday.

We had a weekend full of parties. Aidan had a party for his friend Tye Saturday morning, me and the kids went to Georgia's party for the afternoon and daddy went to the hockey game with Chris that night.
Liam went to Steven's party for part of the afternoon and then on to a playdate with Aidan's friend Aiden Austin. Glen met Aiden's parents before we moved out to Carleton Place so we thought it would be great to get together. It was a great night.

Helyn has been pottying like a champ lately. Every 2 days without lactulose or mineral oil. Just good old fashioned fiber, liquids and her good food diet has been working like a charm. Her attitude could use some adjustment.. but that is the 3 year old in her. We had a few stand offs the last few weeks, but they have been getting less and less. We went to playgroup today for the first time since November, and she was listening so much better than in the fall. We are going to have to go more often now that the weather is nicer.

Liam ... oh Liam... the power struggles.... ahhhh. He wants more video game time. He wants more freedom to do things on his own... he is trying to be so persuasive too.. its just yanks at your heart each time he pleads and begs for something. Thank goodness Glen is being my rock and reminding me of certain boundaries we have set for the kids like no video games from Monday to Thursday. We made a deal that if he could pull up his grades, he can get more time with his DS and the Wii... so he is going to try.

Aidan just lost 2 more teeth. His bottom 2 front ones. He lost the first one while eating toast on Sunday morning and the other on Sunday night while eating a burger. He was so excited to lose 2 in one day.

Both of the boys got their report cards just before March break. They did really well in all areas. Lots of A's and B's. They both need to focus and made themselves seen and heard in classroom discussions.

Glen has been busy finishing work around the house the last few weeks and the house is really coming together. I am so proud of him for coming forward and finishing it up. It is going to look amazing all pulled together. He has been really helpful around the house as well. I think we were both in a big slump over the winter and I am so appreciative of his help with getting the house back in order. I just wish I could do the bigger jobs that he can do... but I just can't with Helyn at my heels all the time and the other day care kids.

I am working on my clutter issues. Its really hard to keep a routine going but its babysteps... I am working on the big problem areas of mine and expanding from there. Its a coming.

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