Monday, June 8, 2009

Dentist appointments.

I had my tooth fixed by Uncle Stu today.
It went well. Not too sore. Glad its done for now. Lets hope I don't have anymore root canals any time soon.

Liam had a cavity. He got it filled and did well. He didn't like it, can't say I blame him. Stu said when we go back in November, we will use sealant on his teeth to help prevent cavities.

Aidan's teeth were good. Well... sort of LOL. His incisors are coming in looking like fangs. LOL I am very interested to see what they look like when they finally pop through. Seems like my vampire fantasies are projecting through in real life.

I started working out again today. I took nearly 2 weeks off. I know.. bad Christine. I am ready now. My energy is next to nil so I need something. Tonight I did Tae Bo ( thanks for the advice Aimee)... and so I am sure I will be sore tomorrow. I will keep doing my DVD's or Wii Fit every day until I get that energy zap back.

Glen has a busy week ahead of him. He has been able to keep his calendar full for the last 3 weeks.... so lets hope this is a trend.

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Noah and Emily said...

Yeah for Taebo! As for no energy, maybe your iron or vitamin b12 is low. That happens to me and then I have to pop the iron and b12 and then I feel so much better!

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