Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back Online

Glen finally set up the networking stuff for the internet so its up and running again after 2 weeks. He graciously let me use his lap top to check in and post little things here and there when he was home.

So yea.. I will update more now.

Aidan did get a visit from the toothfairy on Monday night. He left his certificate that he got from school that said he was now a member of the I lost a tooth club under his pillow and he got a crisp 5$ bill. Now, before you say hey, I only got a quarter, the tooth fairy usually leaves a bill for the first tooth and then a toonie for everyone after.

He was tickled about it.

Helyn has been doing ok.
She had went 7 days between bm's between Christmas and New Years. Her last one now was Sunday. I didn't give her any laculose for a few days in hopes that being back on her diet had helped ( over Christmas and being sick didn't help us feed her like we were) and she went on her own. So proud of her.

Liam has been doing ok. He gets moodier and moodier off and on. I know he is growing and his hormones are probably changing so I am trying to stay calm and now freak out about his little things, but its hard. I had a little blow up this morning... didn't yell too loud, but I scared him and we had a good talk afterwards. He was blowing up when I blew up, so we talked about what I could have done differently and what he could have. It was a good talk and he left happy for school... so that was what mattered most to me.

We are getting a huge dump of snow today. about 15-20 cms by the end of today, We will be getting more before the week is over too. So if you hear a snow mobile whipping by tonight, its most Likely Glen. LOL

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