Sunday, January 4, 2009

Updates in the new year.

Been busy now that we are feeling better. LOL

New Years eve the kids spent the night with Nana, Papa, Uncle James and cousins Lochlan,Mackenzie and Lincoln. Me and Glen had planned on having a party but due to the bugs we had, we weren't feeling much up to it until the 31t, and even then, Glen did something to his back, so we opted to leave it quietish. We had our neighbours Kathy,Her Hubby Mark and 8 year old Elizabeth over to watch the Canada/Usa game for the IIHF. It was a great game btw. Our friend Kirsten also came over from accross the street for a few drinks.

We were in bed shortly after midnight. LOL

We went over to have dinner and opened presents with the kids at Lynn and Murray's the next day. The kids had a good time, but everyone was zonked. Thanks for having us Lynn.

Friday we had no heat in the house. Our Furnace stopped working either on the 1st or the 2nd and it was 50 degrees in the house when we woke up. Another factor in the cold was that the door was ajar in the morning. How we missed that before we headed to bed, I can't tell ya. So I baked some cookies and made the kids some pancakes, did a few loads of laundry and used the dishwasher to warm up the house a bit then ended with using the self clean on the oven. LOL it warmed it up to 60 degrees. The repair guy got here around 11 and he was done at 1. Turned out one of the hoses is cracked and the circuits got wet. He fixed it and we had wonderful heat from then on.

If you are in Carleton Place, Comfort Pro heating is a great little company to come and fix your issues. They were fast to come and very thorough.

Last night we had some more friends over for New Years part 2. It was a good time. Lots of drinks, laughs and stuff. The kids stayed up later and I think we were in bed after 2. It was fun. Thanks to Crash, Mark, Sandra, Chris and Kirsten for making it a good time... oh and Kayla who had us laughing.

Glen is going to the USA/Russia game tonight with Mark tonight. It should be fun for him.

So yea... tomorrow the kids go back to school!!!
Its time. They are getting ansy... it will be good to have them back on a schedule.


Cynthia said...

Yikes on the heat! Ours went out too but it ended up being a quick and easy fix. Thank goodness for both of us having heat now!

I can't believe your house got down to 50! Ours went to 62 and it was FREEZING in here! Funny how 62 during the spring feels nice outside but not so good in the house during the frigid winter.

Christine said...

I know!!
Normally I love the cooler temperatures... but definately not when it was so cold outside and it felt like the wind was wiping through the house.

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