Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on the sickies.

Well we survived, by the skin of our teeth.
I was sick from the 23rd until pretty much yesterday. Glen started with the fevers and same symptoms as me on the night of the 26th.
He went to the Er this morning as work sent him home, and he has strep. I probably have it too, but I have had it in my system for over a week now, so I am not sure if they will do anything for me.
I am off the next 3 days from all of the kids, so I am going to take it easy and just have some quiet time with them.
The kids had a great Christmas.

Not sure if we are going to have people over like we had decided to, since we are still recovering.

Will keep you all updated on that. WOuld be nice to have an adults night, but we yea... wont be great hosts feeling like a hot mess.

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Northern Voices said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. Happy new year to the fam!

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