Friday, December 12, 2008


Helyn went poo today.
That is 2 days in between.
Poor baby girl fought it all day. I think she may still have some in her, but maybe after dinner.

She is in good spirits, we just have to teach her that poo shouldn't hurt and won't each time she goes if she goes regularily.

Aidan has really really loose front teeth. He might be singing that favorite Christmas song before we know it. He bit into an apple last night and I don't think he will be doing that for a while until his teeth stop falling out. Poor little guy.

Liam is doing pretty good. He is a little social butterfly who is barely home lately. He is in the school choir and is really into his art stuff lately. He is harely resembling a little boy anymore.

The basement is pretty much finished. We just have to paint the doors and trim and we can move things down! Its looking so good. Glen and his friends did an awesome job.

Basement Reno

Basement Reno

Basement Reno

Basement Reno

Basement Reno

Basement Reno


nana said...

the basement looks great . what a good job,

Noah and Emily said...

nice job!

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