Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy Busy.

Today is Helyn's appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. Hoping she can give me answers or a referral to a specialist for Helyn. Her last Bm was on Thursday and I gave her a suppository for that. Its been 5 days since her last one.

This weekend was pretty busy.

Saturday we had breakfast with Santa with the kids in the morning. Saturday afternoon our friend Christine watched the kids while Glen and I went to the Pens/Sens game. We won 3-2. Great Game.

Sunday we got up early and brought all of the garbage out of the basement and dumped it in our portable dumpster from Home Depot from the rennovation, I brought the kids to Church, came back and did some more work on the basement, did groceries, we put up the tree and went to bed. Oh what a busy day.

Yesterday I only had Helyn and Jorian so we played around all morning. We did some colouring, played with toys, I put Jorian down and helped Glen clean up the tools and construction dust while Helyn watched a movie.

So we just have to get the old washer out of the basement and vacuum the gaps in the floor and then I can move things into the room!!!
Oh This is so exciting! I will take pics once the room is empty.

And just in time for the snow we are getting over the next couple of days! LOL.

Here are some pics from the weekend. I will post more later.

Liam and Aidan at the breakfast with Santa

Liam and Aidan with Santa

Helyn not participating

Helyn refusing to participate with Santa

Aidan at Breakfast with Santa

At the game.

Sens/Pens game 12/06

Sens/Pens game 12/06

Doesn't Glen look crazy here?

Glen at the Sens/Pens game

Our optional Christmas Trees



"Mommy put this one up."


Putting up the Angel


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