Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Helyn's appointment.

First of all thanks Kirsten for the ride to and from the appointment and the coffee.

The nurse checked her and she doesn't appear to have any hemorrhoids and couldn't tell from the angle Helyn let her check her at ( in my arms) if she had any fissures.

I am to keep her on the same diet she is on right now. Lots of good fats, fruits and veggies, high fiber. She recommend Laculose ( thanks Aimee) at 10 ml's twice a day for the next few days to make sure she is cleaned out then I am to decrease it to 10 ml's once a day for 2 weeks and see where she goes from there.

If that doesn't help it, she will refer me to the paediatrician.

I am pretty confident it will help. Pray it does. I want to stop worrying about this. I want her to be normal. The good thing is this stuff is over the counter and it doesn't cost much, and doesn't taste bad.


Noah and Emily said...

Hey Christine, did she tell you to alter the dose if it too much? WE found that 10 ml once a day was way too much for Noah and that was advice from a pedi. 20ml a day, she is gonna have the shits, bad. What worked for us is first thing in the morning and he would go like clock work in the afternoon on 7-8ml a day only.

Christine said...

Lorriane wants me to clean her out... so she says. I gave her 10 ml 2 hours ago... I am afraid to give her more than that right now... I was looking at the adult dose and not sure If i want to give her more than that.

Even the pharmasist looked at the dosage and questioned it. So we talked about what to do and for her weight and etc.

I am not too impressed with her right now tell you me.

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