Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday School Play

We have been going to Church for the last couple months as per request from Liam.
He really likes it, Helyn is unsure and Aidan really doesn't like to go, but he has agreed to come a few times.

Today was their Christmas Play. Liam was an angel and his friend Kyle was a sheppard. The play went really well.
Helyn was rolling around in the aisles for a bit but then joined her brother on stage for a couple of songs. LOL

Here are a few pics, enjoy.

Liam and Kyle


I love this one, look at Kyle's face.


Helyn rolling in the aisles


Helyn joining in on stage


Group photo


Helyn wanting me to take a picture of her. I think that is why she jumped up on stage in the first place.



Anonymous said...

Love the Pics! It's so great that Liam loves going and pushes to go. He made an awesome angel!!

What church do you guys attend? Is it here in town? I keep promising Ethan i'll take him to one of the churches one sunday. He's got quite the collection of Bibles (an obession thing..but he actually does read them). He wants to see how the bible manifests itself in "church"!

Christine said...

WE go to the Zion Memorial Church (accross from the Library)
I have been promising Liam for a few years to bring him before we decided on this one. Al from down the street goes there too and Mr Patterson and his wife are in charge of the Sunday school.

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