Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bad mommy award.

Today was Aidan's last day of swimming with his class and I forgot to pack his bathing suit!!!
His school called while we were at a friend's house to see if I could run it to the school, but I was not home!!!
We will see what kind of mood he is in when he comes home from school. I hope he can let it go the way I did when he threw out his spoon the other day at school. LOL... he was surprised i wasn't angry and I told him it was an accident... no worries buddy. I guess I am hoping he learned by example.


Glen is going to the Maple Leafs/Sens game tonight with a friend and I have a friend coming over to watch the munchkins while I attend the parent/teacher interviews for the boys at the school.

That is it for now.. will write more later.


nana said...

maybe a calender for each of the boys would help you and give them more responsibility to track their activities. I guess what i'm trying to say is that it's not always up to moms to remember everthing.

Christine said...

Yes, they have one.
Last night we were going over it and he was supposed to put his suit in after our talk.
I was looking at his calendar this morning and it totally escaped me.. and him.

He forgave me ;)

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