Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yea for Poo!

She went tonight.
Oh it was about time.
Glen finally got to see first hand how bad it is when she hasn't went in over a week. The poor baby. Glen was giving her a bath after dinner and she had to go, She must have hemorrhoids as there was blood when he wiped.

I went and got some Metamucil tonight to add to her orange juice in hopes to bulk her up some more. She gets so much fiber per meal, but what is a little more I suppose. I also picked up some Flax seed oil as suggested by a friend.

Let's see if it works. If she goes every 3-4 days, I will be happy as she won't be so bunged up at the end of 9 days like she was today. I feel its all a psychological thing, but its turning out to be a physical thing. I am still going to make an appointment with her NP and see about getting an appointment with a specialist. We are both due for a check up so we will go in together.

Yea.. my baby has relief!

Aidan and I did some reading together tonight. He is reading at a benchmark 14 now!!! He was at a level 6 at the beginning of September so he is doing well. I am really proud of him. He gets really good if not perfect marks in spelling and has a good handle on his school work.

Liam is starting to show some difficulties with his work and her temperament. I swear its pre puberty stuff. He is all flustered and has a hard time concentrating in class and at home. The social Liam is starting to come out and in his mind its more important than the academic Liam. Tonight he was late coming home from a friend's house again. I had to call for him to come home and I warned him ahead of time that this was not acceptable. He had to spend the remainder of the evening in his room as punishment.

Glen isn't feeling well. He was home all day today and just not well. I think the extra rest and hydration helped a lot. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.

And boring ole me, I am catching up on laundry, writing my blog and trying to tidy up before tomorrow. Its going to be a cold and rainy day tomorrow in Carleton Place. Not looking forward to it that is fer sure. I have 4 kids tomorrow so I am going to have to get creative with ideas to keep them busy. I took out the lego, the trains and we made some new play dough today. Let's see if that keeps them happy. Pray for me.

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Noah and Emily said...

Poor Helen. She probably has a fissure that is what is causing the blood, tearing as the poo is usually so big. You will probably have to get medicated suppositories to clear it up so it doesn't get worse. Poor girl, hopefully Laurie Anne gets back to you soon. The girls go for their shots next friday, both at the same time, never done that before I guess we will see.

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