Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poop watch

It has been 9 days today.
She has to go, she has been acting weird all day and she has to go.
She has barely eaten anything today, but has had lots of water and juice to drink.

My nurse hasn't called back yet. I need to make an appointment for her.

We have been having 5-10 minute potty breaks all day. I read that if you can get them to sit for 10 minutes after a meal, the body naturally wants to eliminate after eating. It was hard, but I did get her to sit for 8 minutes after lunch and 5 minutes after our shower/bath.

I also gave her a stool softener today and stopped giving her the mineral oil as that doesn't seem to be helping and its been 5 days on the oil.

This isn't healthy and its becoming a physical problem now. I turned off the TV and put up her favorite toys so she has to sit on the toilet before we get Emily.

Sigh... that is my day... full of poop issues.

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Karin said...

Been there...

I empathsize.

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