Friday, November 21, 2008

Its the most wonderful time... of the week!!

Yes my friends.


Oh I am so exhausted from this week. It just seemed like it would never end. Not that its is any different from any other week but man... AHHHHH. I have been doing some big clean ups in the basement and in the bedrooms on top of trying to keep up with laundry ( impossible!!!)

Tomorrow I am watching our friend's little girls for them for a day out. We gave them our hockey tickets for tomorrow afternoon because we didn't realize it was an afternoon game and Glen didn't ask for the time off well in advance. They are good friends so that gives them some time together and out.

Tonight me and Crash are heading out shopping. We are going to do our grocery shopping on Friday nights together so the guys and the kids don't have to go. It was her suggestion and I am looking forward to getting out for the night. I feel caged up lately and need an out.

Next weekend is Glen's staff party at a Murder Mystery Theater place that we went to last year. Crash and Mark are keeping our kids over night so we can have a night off too. Will be much needed after next Friday's P.D. day. I have to start making plans for what to do with the kids on that day... there will be 8 here. Maybe more... who knows.

The boys are getting their report cards next week. I am interested to know how well they did. On Thursday we have their parent/teacher interviews so I can get some answers. Hee Hee.

Its been 6 days since Helyn's last poo. She is starting to have problems with her bladder now seeing as she is so full of it. We have an appointment on Tuesday the 2nd at 10 am. The flax seed oil and metamucil aren't working as well now I suppose. Sigh... someday.

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