Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday... not too bad.

Its snowing outside, not a lot, just little flurries. Nice and peaceful.
The kids are resting and I am having a coffee.. just killing time.
I have been cleaning crazily all week and I just need a moment to collect myself and take a day off.

I ordered some clothes off of Gymboree a couple weeks ago and they came in yesterday. Their jammies, they won't get until Christmas Eve, but the boys have new shirts to wear for their Christmas Concert for school and Helyn has a beautiful dress for pictures and just looking adorable. It looks so pretty on her. I am going to wait a little longer to share her in it until I take some photos of the kids.
She loves it. Last night she had it on and she was twirling saying "its my Christmas Dress?? Isn't it pretty?" I got her a matching headband with it and some white pom pom pony tail holders ( depending on her mood), and some tights.

Its going to be a fun Christmas for her I think. Last year she kind of got the jist of it, and this year she keeps saying "remember Christmas??" and she goes though the tree, the music, the decorations, cookies and etc.

its fun.

Ok.. time to tidy up after lunch... we had a few friends over this morning so the house is in a bit of disarray... but nothing too hard to tidy, yet it has to be done.

Helyn is on day 5 post poo... hasn't went yet today.. hoping sometime today. Time for her metamucil now.. and I am going to call and reshedule her appointment in the morning.

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