Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yea for Poo!

I guess I have already had this subject title as it automatically came up. LOL

Helyn went this morning in her night time diaper.

For the first time in a long time, it wasn't rock hard and piecey, it was a regular one. I was so happy... sad.. that I am so happy about bowel movements.

I have been giving her a dose of flax seed oil every morning and she gets Metamucil with lunch and dinner with a whole lot of water and juice. I took her off of dairy for now, and will start her on soy tomorrow. We see the nurse on Wednesday, so maybe she can give me more ideas or a referral to make sure nothing is medically wrong to make this happen.

I brought the kids to church this morning by myself. The kids went to the Sunday school and nursery classes during the main part of the mass. Aidan's teacher came upstairs about 15 minutes later and told me he wasn't feeling well. I think he was just really shy seeing as it was a new place and he didn't know many kids there. Helyn and Liam had a blast though. Liam wants to take part in the Christmas Pageant, its too late for him to take a main part but he ( and the other 2) are invited to be Sheppard's or Angels. I think I might get Helyn in, but Aidan is not interested at the moment.

So there we go, that is our weekend... we are going to go out for dinner tonight and go grocery shopping afterwards. Fun Fun.

Talk later....


Karin said...

I know what you mean. I'm poop obsessed. I've got a BM diary for the last three years! I figure I should scrapbook it or something. Ha!

Keep up the vigilance!

Christine said...

LOL Karin.
Its amazing what keeps us interested as we get older. Who knew poo would be so interesting?! LOL

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