Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Report Card time.

The boys came home with their report cards yesterday.

Aidan is doing amazing. He has come a long way from the beginning of the school year. We were so worried about him and he is improving all the time. He does have areas he still needs improvement but one step at a time. We have his reading going strong now... we will keep that up and work on the other areas.

This is what was written by his teacher in the summery.

Aidan has made a good adjustment to the routines of grade one. he listens to instructions and usually completes tasks with a good effort. the next step will be to complete assignments in the time allotted and to ask for assistance when he doesn't understand. Aidan has established good relationships with his peers and generally works cooperatively with all members of the class. During second term Aidan will be encouraged to voluntarily participate in group discussions rather than just when called upon.

Liam is doing well too. He has went down in a few areas this year, but grade 3 is a pretty challenging grade with lots of tests and homework. Its a big adjustment for him I think.

This is what was written in his summery.

Liam is a polite and cooperative student who generally follows the rules and routines established. He uses his agenda daily and completes assigned weekly homework on time. Liam's work is always neatly done and shows attention to detail. In term 2, Liam will be encouraged to begin work promptly and stay focused on the task at hand so that he can complete assigned work in the time given.

I meet with both of their teachers tomorrow so we will be able to come up with a plan to get them to succeed this year.

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nana said...

Tell the boys how proud nana and papa are. We are not surprised as they have had such wonderful guidance.

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