Friday, November 28, 2008

The Interviews

They went pretty well.
The boys were supposed to go with us, but Aidan didn't want to go. He stayed with Kirsten and Helyn at home.

Aidan's teacher, Mrs. White said that Aidan is progressing well. His reading has improved by leaps and bounds and he is pretty good in every subject.
Her only concern is that he does not like to answer class questions without prompting. He knows the answer but its like he doesn't want to make a spectical of himself. She calls on him and he gives the answer, but he won't put up his hand to answer questions. When she calls for group activities, he won't find a friend, he will stand back and wait until someone calls for him to join or the teacher has to find him a place.
Her concern is that in the next couple of years he will be lost amongst the numbers of the class and not stand out. She would like him to make an effort every now and then to take initiative.
He is characteristically shy and has low self esteem... so how am I going to get him out of his shell?? We constantly praise him, show him lots of love and get him to try new things all the time... but its not Aidan. I see her point... but I don't want him to be lost in the shuffle.

Liam's interview went well. She has no concerns except his day dreaming. He tends to just drift in and out when working on indepenant work. He is going to work on it this term.

Helyn is on 4 days between bm's. I gave her a laxative this morning and another dose tonight. Hoping she will go tomorrow on her own. She is wearing a diaper today and you can tell she has the urge, she just isnt doing it. Make me anxious girl!

Glen and our friend Mark went to the Leaf's Sens game last night. It was a very exciting game as it went into overtime and a shoot out. The boys both enjoyed it.

Tomorrow is Glen's staff party. We are going to a Murder Mystery place to have dinner and a show. It should be fun. We went last year too so at least we know what to expect. I will take pics.

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